You understand how SenYu has actually a fan, however they are for the really bad terms due to this fox

You understand how SenYu has actually a fan, however they are for the really bad terms due to this fox

ShangGu says to him which he changed much, and then he responds with “I would like to replace the way I’m lifestyle my entire life, could there be a problem with that?”

ShangGu goes to get a hold of BaiJue, in which he pretends to-be a great playboy so that ShangGu carry out dislike your. However, ShangGu knows that TianQi and you may BaiJue are plotting anything, because the she then followed TianQI as he is coming from the QingChi Castle. Just like the she matches more individuals, ShangGu’s doubtful regarding exactly what she did before, and you will memory loss.

BaiJue have a banquet that have MuGuang and you will SenYu, the Demon King’s guy. The pair of them each other genuinely believe that it’s a trap placed by other side (lol), and MuGuang is sort of freaked out while the Raleigh NC escort reviews BaiJue try ingesting drink as well as seeing the newest dancing. ShangGu can make a take on the three went dragon, and you may she disguises given that step three Lead Dragon to consult with BaiJue’s feast, to consume dinner. Since the MuGuang and you may SenYu are arguing with the legal rights for their very own individuals, demon and immortals, ShangGu attempts to get-off utilizing the “I want to urinate” justification, then again she is pulled towards conversation, very she loses the woman disguise and now looks like herself, ShangGu. She is thus upset your Genuine Gods pamper by themselves (talking-to BaiJue, coughing coughing) and divine monsters rating bribed.

ShangGu desires BaiJue for the woman wine, but it’s extremely doubtful, and it also was poisoned! To possess heartless some one, it could eliminate them. ShangGu tells your you to definitely she wants to stab your once again. BaiJue pretends not to care, but after she will leave, he begins whining.

Oh my, the three Headed Dragon obtained bribes out of both parties… each other of MuGuang and you can SenYu, at the same rate. ShangGu: not surprising that you wanted us to choose you during the feast.